Getting My Money’s Worth

A few weeks ago, we went shopping for shoes.  I had worn out my favorite pair of brown shoes – so we went looking.  We ended up buying some at Shoe Carnival – and let me tell you, I feel like I have already got my money’s worth out of them. 
Here’s the funny story……
I was looking in the regular women’s section of the store, and finding a few pairs I like (all around $30 or so) when an employee announced that the clearance shoes were half off – making each pair only five dollars.  FIVE DOLLARS!  So I went over to see if there was anything good.  There was a pair of brown shoes that I kinda liked, so I tried them on.  They were size 5 1/2 (I usually wear a 6 or 6 1/2) but I thought, for $5, I might as well try.  They actually fit me, and were quite comfortable!  I was really surprised.  Then I heard the lady next to me say something about children’s shoes and walk away.  I looked up at the rack that held the shoes I was wearing, and sure enough, it said, “Kids'”.  I laughed right out loud at myself.  So I went to the next rack over that held the “Women’s” (and yes, I double checked the sign) and found a cute pair of shoes to try on – but again there was no size 6… just 5 1/2.  Well, I had such good luck with the last pair, that I thought I try these ones on to see if they would fit.  My foot wouldn’t even fit into it at all!  I felt like a step-sister of Cinderella trying to squeeze my huge foot into her tiny shoe.  Isn’t that so funny?
Needless to say, I bought the children’s pair.  I was thrilled to get a pair of comfortable shoes for only five dollars.  Are you ready to see what they look like?
For five dollars, I have been really really pleased with them.  I have worn them to work every day for the last too weeks.  I feel like I have already gotten my money’s worth.  🙂
The funny part is, I’m not sure if these shoes were for girls or boys.  Oh well.
Have you ever tried on children’s shoes?  You never know when you might run across a good deal.

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  1. That’s funny because just this week I took Josie shoe shopping and the lady said that she could either fit a 41/2 in girls or a 5 1/2 in women’s?? Weird. Micah says that’s true. I’m glad you found a deal. Maybe I need to go look at the Shoe Carnival here in Pocatello.

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