Pumpkin Turkey

Do you still have pumpkins that didn’t get carved? If not, go. get. some. now!!!
These pumpkin turkeys are SO cute and fun to make!
I used a pattern and traced 5 turkey feathers on 1/2 inch mdf particle board.
Then I traced the head onto the same board and cut it out with a band saw.
I cut the wattle (yes, that is what it’s called and yes, I did have to look it up! 🙂 and the beak out of 1/8 inch particle board.
Then I quickly sanded all the pieces and painted all of the pieces brown.
Next, I modge podged scrapbook paper on the top of them all. I used different paper on all the feathers and inked the edges to give them a more feathery look. The modge podge is important if it will ever be outside.
This helps protect it from the weather and keep it nice.
Then I drilled1/4 in hole in the bottom of all the feathers and inserted a wooden dowel.
Do the same with the back of the face. (Do not drill too deep into the face!)
Then I glued the face pieces together and added some button eyes!
And there you have it……..PUMPKIN TURKEYS!
You can go HERE to download my patterns for FREE!

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