Christmas Card Class And RACK’D

I wanted to show you some ideas for those who like to make their Christmas cards. I love sending out a homemade Christmas card to my friends and family. Here is the big class I offer once a year to all my Stampin Up! customers. Which one do you like the best?

I also wanted to mention what a great time of year it is to give to others. Something about Christmas-time makes people feel more generous and more giving. There are so many ways we can help those around us. Whether it’s a plate of cookies to our neighbors or donating our time, money or goods to a local cause. My plea to each one of us, is to just make an effort to do some things this season to lighten someone else’s load.
Here is a good idea of delivering the 12 days of Christmas to a family each 12 nights before Christmas.
All over if you’ll look, you’ll see “Angel Trees” to buy a Christmas present for a child less fortunate. In your area there is most likely a food pantry that could use any and all canned goods.
Take a minute to read this story by my friend Cassie. Her umbilical cord stopped working and she was forced to deliver her baby at 28 weeks. I miss her a lot (she’s been living in SLC) This story really touched me. It was published in our local newspaper yesterday.

Here is her letter:

I am a mother of a baby who was born 12 weeks early. My baby has been in the NBICU at the U of U Hospital since August. Every day I make two trips to the hospital – one during the day while my two other boys are with a babysitter, and one at night after they are in bed. It has been the hardest trial of my life as I have wrestled with feelings of devastation and disappointment. However, it has also been a time of great joy and hope as we watch our little one fight and grow. Yesterday, as I was on my way into the hospital for another visit, I was stopped by a young lady handing out candy canes in the lobby. As she wished me a “Merry Christmas” she was quickly followed by a young man who also wished me a “Merry Christmas” and handed me a card. Hurrying to get to my baby, I quickly said “thank you” and went on my way. As I continued towards the elevator, I looked more closely at the card from the young man and realized it was a Target gift card with a note that said “You’ve been RACK’D – Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.” It brought a tear to my eye and I greatly appreciated the thoughtfulness of complete strangers. Well, I continued on up the elevator and during my visit one of the nurses told me that my baby needed a special kind of baby bottle that helps him to not take in so much air while he eats. When I asked her where I could pick one up, she said “Oh, you can get one at Target.” Some may think this a mere coincidence. I choose to believe that it is a witness of someone who is aware of our needs, and of others being an instrument in His hands. I am grateful for the kindness of others, and hope that we can all try to share more kindness this Christmas season.

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