Best Freezer Meal Recipes (tried and true!)

Are you ever on the look out for a good freezer meal recipe?  I always am.  In past years, I have gotten together with several girls and made freezer meals.  One thing I’ve learned is…try the recipe out first before you make it for a bunch of other families.  It may look great online or in book, but that isn’t a guarantee.  🙂
I have tried these two recipes in the last couple of weeks-and frozen them.  They both tasted EXCELLENT after their frozen state.  Have you ever joined a freezer meal group?  Get a few gals together and each of you buy the ingredients for your meal and each of you make your meal for each family.  I have made meals for six families and that was a lot of work.  I would say at first just try 4-then go from there.
*Try to find friends that have similar size families as you. 
*Use heavy duty gallon bags or buy disposable tins for freezing.
*Type up the recipe and tape it to the food you give to the other families.
And here are the two favorites I found, that we really liked….
My kids just loved this.  Follow all the instructions just the same, just don’t cook it.  Make sure you wrap it up well, and freeze quickly.
I was a little skeptical about these, but they turned out great.  I would just recommend not keeping them in the freezer very long.  
I hope you enjoy these. Happy Freezer Meal making!!

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