I started writing in my journal regularly when I was a teenager.
My journals have varied over time,
but the last few have just looked pretty plain, like this.
If you saw this post, on how to make these inexpensive covered notebooks,
you should try to make them.  They are super fun to make.
A few of my kids use them for journals and the smaller ones just write words or doodle.

We also personalized this notebook for my daughter for her school journal.

She LOVED it.
(You can read more on this project HERE.)
Okay….Have you heard of the SMASH book?
I was just introduced to it this week and I LOVE the idea.  I think this would be perfect for a teenager.
Check out this little clip of You-Tube of what a SMASH book really is.

I totally want one now! 
 So, are you all inspired to begin a journal now?
Here are some of my tips:
Do whatever kind of journal works for you,
but write something down today!  You’ll be so glad you did later.
Sometimes I write the funny things my kids say or do and other times it is
more serious, like they way I feel on a certain topic.
I’m also very busy, so I just write one page every Sunday.
That’s what works for me and you just do whatever works for you.
Good luck!

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  1. One of the best things I ever did was start a journal just for my husband Tony. I try and write in it once a week. I write good memories, things I’m concerned about, love notes, whatever I feel the need to write. It’s great for him and me. I keep thinking I am going to start keeping one for each of my kids, but I run out of hours in the day. They will just have to read mine someday. 🙂

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