Easter Activities for Little ones

Sickness found it’s way to our house this week, bummer.  I’ve had to get creative with my busy 5 year old.  I found some fun things online for him to do to keep busy-and I thought I’d share!  I think kids older and younger will like these activities as well.

Print off the template to make this lunch sack bunny here.  My little 5 year old colored the whole sack and  put cotton balls on the back for the tail.  It was really cute – and it entertained him for a while!

Here are some other Easter Activities I printed off.
Here is a fun Easter Egg to color (and other fun coloring pages)
A simple Easter word search for little kids.

I also loved all the fun things I found on this Martha Stewart website.  I think these Jelly Bean carrots would be such a cute spring decoration.
And last, but not least- this website is perfect for easter crafts, games, home decor and treats.

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