New Curlers!

Have you seen these??
They are similar to Curlformers, but they are a lot cheaper!!
I was thrilled when I found them at  The Bow-tique in Pocatello, Idaho.

I got a package of 10 for $14.00 and it came with 2 different sizes.
I’ve used them twice and have LOVED them!!  I can’t wait to buy more.
They are SO much easier and quicker to put in and take out than the foam curlers that we used to use.
Here’s how you use them:
Before picture… Check!
You should use slightly damp hair.   I also sprayed a little spray gel into the hair to help hold the curl.
 As you can see I took a fairly large section and slightly twisted it.
The curlers come with this handy hook that you put all the way up in the curler.
Hook it around the hair and pull through.  THAT’S ALL!!!
 These curlers are quite a bit longer than her hair and I was surprised that they still stay in!
 She slept in them all night without a problem and woke up like this….
 I couldn’t believe they hadn’t slipped or come out at all!!
To take them out…easy peasy!!
 Just extend the curler and I kind of squeeze the top a little and they pull right out.
She didn’t even complain once!  (That’s a miracle! 😉
 Ta da!  Here is the finished product.
 The curls relaxed a little bit, but when she got home from school, it was still SUPER CUTE!
Here is a quote from their facebook page.
“These new spiral hair curlers are the hottest new trend in hair curling. They are super easy to put in and the curls last all day long (sometimes 2 or even 3 days). They are used without heat so they are healthy for your hair. They are great for long or short hair, thick or thin hair, and even great for hard-to-curl hair! These are similar to Curlformers that many of you have heard of and are fabulous for giving you those perfect spiral curls ~~ even without a curling iron (YAY!). Check out some of the photos for examples of how they work. If you are interested in purchasing any just message me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

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  1. Small Small world….Wendy Hintze lives down the street from me!!! I’ve worked with her in PTA and had her girls as YCLs. She is super super nice. Love her. I never thought to tell you she sold those!!!

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