Sidewalk S’mores

We have had some of my favorite teenage girls staying with us recently, and they’ve been doing a great job of helping me entertain the kids.  One thing we decided to make were some sidewalk s’mores!

The little kids were so super excited to make their s’mores.
After we put them together we let them sit in the sun for about 30 minutes.
(Some of us were more patient than others.. haha)
I missed my marshmallow being roasted… but the melty chocolate was a plus!
A super fun (and messy!) activity for a hot summer day!
Happy August!

3 Replies to “Sidewalk S’mores”

  1. Very cool! Gonna try this with Samantha. We’ve recently been talking about the sun and fire melting things, so this will be a good science lesson too 🙂 Thanks Cali!

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