Swiffer Duster

Have you ever heard of this?
 It is a fantastic product!  My sister, Cali, introduced me to it and I REALLY like it!
The Swiffer pads really do grab the dirt and hold on to it, so I don’t feel like I’m just pushing the dust around.
It also has an extender on it, which is good because I’m so short!
In my room (see this post) I have texture on my walls and I notice that the walls are dusty.
Is that weird or what?  Anyway, this Swiffer duster really does the trick.
As I was needing to go buy the refills for it, I came across this on Pinterest.
Homemade Swiffer Refills.  I thought “Hey, I bet I can make those.”
Then…as I really thought about it, I decided I’d never really go buy the stuff and make it,
so I ordered them instead.  🙂  I got mine from HERE.

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