Ice Cream Cupcakes

Is my family the only family who likes ice cream better than cake?
This is a fun idea that my family LOVED.
Original idea found HERE.
This is similar to the Mint Ice Cream Pie that I blogged about last year,
but my husband liked these even better – just because they are cleaner to dish out one portion.
All you need to make these Ice Cream Cupcakes are:
Softened Mint Ice Cream
Cupcake Liners

Crush Oreos and press crumbs into cupcake liners.

One cookie per cupcake.

Spoon softened ice cream into each cupcake.

Sprinkle extra cookie crumbs on top to make look extra pretty.

Freeze until solid.  Serve.
Place any leftovers in an airtight container and store in the freezer for up to one week.
Of course you could do this with many different kinds of cookies and flavors of ice cream.
Just think of the possibilities…

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