The Mombo Nursing Pillow

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I just had my second baby.  It’s amazing how much more comfortable I am as a mom this time around.  There are so many things that I know about now that would have really helped me out last time!  The mombo nursing pillow (made by Comfort and Harmony) is one of those things.

I used a nursing pillow a few times with the last baby, but this experience was way better.  The Mombo Nursing Pillow has two sides – the firm side to hold your baby while nursing, and the soft side for baby to lie on during awake time.  It also comes the vibration feature, that you can easily remove at any time.
I was surprised at how comfortable it felt to nurse my baby while he rested on the firm side of this pillow.  I wasn’t hunched over hurting my back.  I could sit up comfortably without having to use my legs to prop my baby up.  I just put him on the pillow, placed one hand under his head to elevate it slightly, and let him do his thing.

Using the cozy side was fun as well – as my baby is old enough now that he wants to see things.  His little head follows me back and forth as I walk around the house. 

Have you ever thought about how many hours a day new babies spend on their backs?  I think that’s why they enjoy being propped up a little, for a change of view (without mom having to hold them).  ALSO – they say being propped up like that can help reduce spit up and fussiness in babies with Reflux!  (I really wish I had known that with the last baby!)
I love the slipcover that comes with it.  I appreciate this a lot since my baby has already spit up on the pillow more than once.  It’s easy to remove, wash, and replace back on the pillow.  (It’s also very cute!)

It also came inside a plastic cover that Velcros at the bottom.  What a great idea!  I am planning on storing the pillow in this case until I need it for the next baby.

Did you know they sell these amazing pillows at Babies R Us?  Stop by or CLICK HERE to check them out today!  Don’t forget to watch for the other great Mombo products as well!
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