Locks of Love Donation

We have a friend that has been fighting cancer.  We love her and her family.

Kaylee (my daughter) and Sydney are only a few months apart.  Ever since we learned of this diagnosis, we have been thinking of little things we could do to help.  One thing we did was send valentines to all of Sydney’s friends at the hospital for Valentines Day.  Not a big thing for us to do, but it means so much to them!

The next thing we wanted to do to help was donate Kaylee’s hair to Locks of Love.  We have been growing it out for quite a while now, and we finally took the plunge and cut it!

Kaylee is excited to be able to donate her ponytail.  She loves the new haircut, but it’s an extra bonus to be able to be helping someone else at the same time.

We are on Team Sydney!

Learn more about our friend Sydney and ways you can help, go to Sydney’s Blog and Sydney’s Facebook Page.

Learn more about donating hair at Locks of Love.

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