A new look!

Do you ever have a child who needs just a little extra attention,
a little one-on-one time,
or just some special MOM time?
Well, lucky for me (and my family), I am a licensed Cosmetologist, so I think….HAIR!
(Or pedicures or manicures, but that is an entirely seperate post for another day!)

This girl can be SOOO sweet!  Just look at how cute she is! 🙂
However, her hair is REALLY fine and limp.  I decided to try a perm!
I thought it would give us just the “lift” that we needed. 
She LOVED it so much.  We talked the whole time.
It was fun to hear what she thinks of things and what makes her happy!
For those who want to know…I used the Matrix Opti-Curl Extra Body perm
and alternated purple and white rods.
I didn’t want it to be super curly, shrink up too much, or a pain to grow out.
It ended up being the perfect curl; however, it didn’t stay around long.
It fell out or relaxed very quickly. 
It was so easy to make it look cute with just a simple little headband!
I think we might try it again this summer! 
What a cutie…if I do say so myself!  Ha ha ha!  🙂
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2 Replies to “A new look!”

  1. love it…my daughter is the complete opposite…she is begging to have her hair straightener…however i am NOT a hairstylist…lol…
    adorable pics.

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