Easy Peasy Ball Garland Wreath

Happy Friday! I love Fridays and I hope you have something fun planned this weekend.
How did the point counting go for your exercise and food the last 2 weeks? If you kept track please leave a comment and let me know what your total point count is. I give myself a B-. I kept track of my food and exercised the first week really great, but then this week we’ve been busy and I’ve had a teething feverish baby that I couldn’t take to the gym. So…moral of the story is-there is always next week! 🙂 And, if you haven’t tried Cali’s spinach shake-you must! We loved it. And I think it’s very very healthy.

I wanted to show you something I do to mix up an ordinary twig wrapped wreath (you can buy this at just about any craft store)

Then you can buy these garland type ball ropes. I cut mine up into little ball sections, like this:

And then I place them all around this wreath. I don’t hot glue them in because I use this wrath for several different seasons. I make sure that I tuck the balls into the wreath really really well. And this is the cute, inexpensive wreath I come up with!

I LOVE IKEA and we happened to be down that way last week, so I picked up this mat that matches!

The sun is shining and I hope you have a great day!

2 Replies to “Easy Peasy Ball Garland Wreath”

  1. I love that you can remove those balls and do something different on the wreath later! Awesome!

    I did pretty good on the challenge. Adding up my points is getting confusing though. I only kept track of my food for 4ish days, but I ran and drank water and did good on my veggies and fruits every day.

    If I’m the only one reporting in- will you take me to subway?? 🙂

    Thanks for the motivation. Love ya.

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