Some of my most recent LOVES!!

LOVE to get my hair done?  Don’t you?
I really LOVE it, but hate to spend the money, so I waited WAY too long this time.

Here is how blonde I am now!  I LOVE it and I LOVE short hair! 
I LOVED being a Jr. Miss Hostess this last weekend!  It was a ton of fun! 
I LOVED going from this…
to this last week.  The kids LOVE it too! 
I LOVE to make things with my kids and they found this recipe for “Bunny Buns”
and had to make them!  They were YUMMY!
(I did make my own cream cheese frosting though)  
I also LOVE to do things as a family.  During spring break we all went Roller Skating!
The kids LOVED it! 
And one more thing I LOVE is when our friends come to town and we get to play cards!! 
Now it’s your turn, What do you love?

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