A Mother’s Day Keepsake

Create your own little Mother’s Day Keepsake.  A special way to save those hand prints as they grow bigger.


Last year was my first year being a Mother on Mother’s Day.  I knew I wanted to have something special to help me remember my little children through the years… and one day I thought this up:

I just went to Michael’s and bought a spiral bound book with blank pages (in the art section) and a bottle of paint (washable, of course).  Then I came home and decorated the cover.  The idea is that each of my children will put a hand print on a page each Mother’s Day.  That way I can look back on how big or little they were each year.  Someday when my kids are a little older, I hope they will write their name by it, and their age.  Maybe sometimes they’ll write a little note with it.

So like I said, last year I thought this up, and went and bought the stuff… I was all excited about getting my baby’s handprint.  Has anyone ever tried getting a 4 month old baby to open their little hands?  It’s tough!!  So we ended up getting his foot print instead.

It’s amazing how much bigger his little foot is this year than last year!  But this Mother’s Day I think we’ll try to do the hand print idea again.  Hopefully the paint doesn’t get all over the place!

This little book is already a keepsake to me.  I love it.

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