More Homemade Suckers!

As Cali mentioned yesterday, we had SO much fun making suckers together, that my kids and I decided to make more homemade suckers!

My kids also LOVED it and my daughters birthday is today and guess what she
picked for her class treat?………Yup. Suckers!
So I went on a hunt for another flavor or two and maybe a new mold.
I don’t think they make the old molds anymore (or maybe I could have found them online), but I didn’t have that much time.  I ended up finding a new kind of mold and flavors at a craft store here in town called Sierra’s.
There were a lot of flavors, but we decided to try Root Beer and Bubblegum.
They are small bottles, but I got two batches out of each one.  The awesome thing about them
(besides how they taste!) is that they were tinted, so I didn’t need any food coloring!
 I also picked up a free recipe for making hard candy right there next to the flavoring.
We LOVED the idea on the back of the recipe, of flavoring other items as well!! So, when my son had his “un” birthday at school (because his birthday falls in the summer) he requested flavored rice krispie treats!
I didn’t get a picture, but he said they were a hit!
 Most of the molds like this were for melting chocolate, but I actually got reading on this one and it said it was “Tempered for high heat”.  To prepare, all I needed to do was wash it in hot, soapy water and lightly coat with cooking spray, so I decided to give it a try.
 It worked perfectly!  I have one happy birthday girl today!
It’s a different, fun, cheap, and easy treat that everyone will love!
You gotta try it!
You can go to to find more recipes and more tips!

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5 Replies to “More Homemade Suckers!”

  1. Awesome, em! Flavored Rice Krispie treats??? I have got to try that. 🙂 I’m glad you posted this so that people know the more “up to date” equipment.

  2. what flavor did you add to rice krispie treats? I made some rice krispie treats with the strawberry marshmallows to take to grandpa’s house. Fun for different.

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