Are you on Pinterest yet?
3 of the 5 of us are on Pinterest, 
and love it!
It’s basically an online database where you can “pin” things you love and want to remember online.
It keeps all your pins organized by category,
 and keeps the links where you found them so you can easily go back to that item again.
It’s awesome!
Here is what the home screen looks like…
And this is what my personal page looks like,
with all the pin boards I’ve started so far.
This is the screen you get when you click on an item someone else pinned,
you can repin it right there!
I’ve been on Pinterest for months, and have loved it.
It’s so fun to see things others are pinning– and awesome to have a place to stick all my online finds.
Aren’t on Pinterest yet??
It’s currently by invitation only,
but the 3 of us have 5 invites per person, and we’d love to share!
We’ll give the first 15 commenters (that are followers!)  invites to Pinterest..
so if you’re interested, leave your e-mail!
Find me on Pinterest HERE

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