Fun with Glow Sticks

What do you while waiting for the fireworks? If you have kids, you know the fireworks can’t start soon enough. A few years ago, I found a trick to make the time before the fireworks fly by (and no one bugs me about when the fireworks will start!)  So, I thought you all should know.  Dollar tree is my friend.  Who doesn’t love a dollar store?  I head over to the dollar store and get lots of glow sticks.  LOTS being the key.  If you only give them one, it’s not very fun!  Luckily, you can get a 5 pack of bracelets or a 2 pack of necklaces for a dollar.  Not bad.  I just went and stocked up for our festivities coming this weekend.

Here are some ideas of what we have done with them.  We make jewelry, we juggle, we play ring toss, we make a chain, we make a rainbow, we draw our names, we swing them back and forth while I try and take a picture (with a slow shutter speed).  It’s hours of fun.

This year I found some new glow sticks that you can hook together to make a ball.   I can already tell these are going to be a blast!  Whoever came up with this is a genius.

Again, you can have lots of fun with a slower shutter speed.

Totally worth every penny, if you ask me!  You should give it a try.  You will thank me later.  🙂  After trying out this glow stick ball last night, I think my kids are more excited for the glow sticks than for the fireworks.

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