Back To School Ideas!

I can’t believe it’s almost time for the new school year.
In fact, several of my friends have sent their kids off to school already.
I’m glad we have a few more weeks to get ready!
The first day (or week) of school can be so scary for kids. (and MOMS, if you’re like me.. : )
Here are a few ideas to help everyone relax and enjoy the day a little more.
#1.  Don’t forget that 1st day of school picture!   

This is what ours usually looks like; however, this year I’d like to try something a bit more like this…
 (Photo credit and idea from Miss Zoot)
It kind of reminded me our our “Children’s Interview” post!
or this idea.
 Photo credit and idea from (Tip Junkie)
#2.  A new outfit and matching hair accessory will help your child feel cute and special.
(My son doesn’t care so much, but my girls LOVE it!) 
#3.  A GOOD Breakfast!  Like this…
(Photo credit here)
Or like this…
(Photo credit here)
Or if you don’t like to get up in the mornings and cook (like me…ha ha ha!) you could make the
#4.  Personalize some of your kids’ things.
Here is a notebook we did for my daughter and she LOVED it!
My daughter is going to middle school this year so she saved up her own money and
bought one of these locker shelves and magnet pencil holders from Staples.
It came in purple (her favorite color) with 7 pieces and she’s ecstatic. 
#5.  When your child takes a cold lunch form home…don’t forget to write a cute little note
like this one…
 (Photo credit here)
This is also on my list to make before school starts.
A cute gift for the teacher…or a cute decoration for my front door!
(Photo credit here)
I hope this helps you and your child to be more excited about the new school year!

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  1. I always take my daughter’s picture on the porch for the first day of school and the last day of school- then I put them in a side by side picture frame to show how much she has changed year to year…

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