Bathroom Side Table

Ever since I moved into my house (about 5 months ago) I’ve been wanting to make a side table for my master bathroom.  See here’s what we’ve got.  An empty space between the cabinets and the door.  We keep a garbage here, as it is the most convenient place for it.  (I just didn’t want to take a picture of garbage.)

So, I found a tutorial on Not Just a Housewife that was perfect for what I needed.  I made it a little smaller, 16 X 16 top, and a little taller, 33 inches.  I painted it a blue-gray color to match my rugs.  The paint is Behr Prelude, bought at Home Depot.

I just love it!  It is the perfect little spot to hold the speakers and hide the trash (although still not pictured, that is where it will go.)

The next project in the masther bathroom will be to spruce up the mirror like this one at Full of Great Ideas.  I love how it has a crown molding look instead of just a frame.  Hopefully it won’t take me another 5 months to get to that project, but it probably will.

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  1. This made my whole day! I am so glad that you linked this up and that you made it! How fun. I am sharing this on FB today! Great job!

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