Eye Spy Bag!

My boys love to look at this bag.  It’s a great entertainer during church too!
Here are the basic directions for this EASY project that should only take you a couple hours.

You’ll need:
1/2 yard sturdy (not 100% cotton) fabric
1 yard coordinating thick ribbon
1/4 yard heavy plastic (you’ll find this by the home decor fabrics)
Laminated paper with all the items to “spy”
Tiny piece of ribbon to hold laminated paper
1 bag of plastic pellets

Find a sturdy fabric.  Cut 2 pieces 8×8.

Then cut a square out of the middle of one piece.  About 2 inches in all the way around.

For a Relief Society thing, I separated out and typed up all the “spy” items and put them in little snack bags.

Now, cut out a square out of your heavy plastic and sew it on. Make it 5×5, (your square should be about 4×4)

This was the most difficult part. Making your ribbon look good. Sew the ribbon around the square on the outside. Fold your ribbon in the corners and sew on both edges of the ribbon.

Next, sew all the way around three sides of your fabric (right sides together) leaving half of one side that you’ll sew after you turn and fill your bag.
Now, turn your bag inside out and fill the bag with the plastic pellets and all the eye spy items. Fill the bag about 2/3rds full. Then take the small piece of ribbon, punch a hole in your laminated card and string the ribbon through it. You’ll now sew the ribbon into the side where you didn’t sew.

Isn’t he cute?!

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