Have you heard about this book?
It just came out in August and I was so excited when I saw this book in the Deseret Book flier.
I don’t personally know to many authors, but I recognized his name instantly!
Tyler Whitesides is from Logan, Utah and I LOVE his whole family.  They are amazing!
 About the Author
Tyler Whitesides worked as a janitor at a middle school to put himself through college. It was there that he discovered the many secrets and mysteries that can be hidden in a dusty school. Tyler graduated from Utah State University with a degree in music. He enjoys spending time in the mountains, cooking on the barbecue, and vacuuming. Tyler lives in Logan, Utah, with his wife, Connie, a third-grade teacher.
Janitors is his first novel. 
Last week Kody came home from school and said that he’d had an assembly with an author.
He was so excited about the book and wanted to go to the book signing that night at Deseret Book.
When he told me it was the author of “Janitors”, I just knew we had to go. 
Here is a really cool video clip that shows what this book is about.
Another really cool thing about this book is that it is also available on CD and Tyler even reads it himself!
Right now he’s on a book tour and you can click HERE to check the schedule 
and see when he’ll be in your area.
If you’re close….you should totally go meet him and have him sign your book!

4 Replies to “Janitors”

  1. Cant wait to get it! I have a little brother who LOVES to read and who would love this book! Thanks for sharing! by the way.. Thanks for all the blog-spiration for someone in Georgia! Love all of your posts!

  2. We haven’t finished ours yet, but probably only have 1/4 left. Kyler told me that Tyler Whitesides is coming to our school next Thursday. Maybe I’ll have to go say hi.

  3. Hi! I was told about your blog by my best friend Kimber Worwood and I love it! I’m not sure if you ladies take requests, but I could really use some ideas on what to get my hubby for Christmas. You’re so creative and clever. If you have any ideas, would you mind sharing them? Thanks!
    A huge fan

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