New Hair for a New Year!

I needed a new do!  Do you ever need that?  A little pick-me-up?
Well, I wanted a trim, my highlights retouched, and to add some low lights.  I’m a 
cosmetologist so I had the color on hand and was lucky enough to have a sister
close by to help me!  
Here is how it turned out!
 AAAHHHH!  Cute, huh?
For those who want to know, I used the Decolor B Diamond Powder
and 6N Matrix Color Sync.
Then for the cut…….I was watching the show on ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”
and came across this cute short haircut.
Well, I’ve never gone quite THIS short, but I was up for a change!
So….here’s how it all went down.
Before shots:
 Not bad, just faded out highlights.
 Then after my sister finished the color, I went to town on the cut!
 One side done!
Then I quickly (seriously less than 5 min) whipped up this cute style!
 I tried to get every angel because most of the time I can never find a picture
of the back to tell someone how to cut it.

 And there you have it……NEW HAIR FOR THE NEW YEAR!!
(Thanks for the help Cali!)

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  1. 1. Whoa!!! Really short! Looks good! 2. Good thing Cali lives by you and not me. 3. This looks like a style mom would like too. 4. I’ve watched all of season 1 of Once Upon a Time now, thanks for the suggestion.

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