Recipe Review

I’ve tried several new recipes lately– and we’ve had some real successes! 
We’ve also had some very so-so ones. I can’t decide if I should post those, 
because I’m guessing people just want to know the awesome ones to try, right?
This first one was by far my favorite new recipe! 
Homemade Rumbi Rice Bowls.
They were so good, and we ate a lot of veggies that night.
I also learned the genius of the Costco grilled chicken (not frozen)… it made dinner prep so much faster.
I found the picture, and the recipe HERE!
(I didn’t find the teriyaki sauce she suggested, but it tasted great with the one I did find)
And since the chicken comes in two bags, 
I was excited to use it to make these Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas.
(from Pioneer Woman, of course)
I didn’t grill the pineapple since we don’t have a grill, and we left out the peppers for the kids, 
but it was awesome…and so quick to put together since I had the chicken cooked already!
 Everyone loved it!!
Picture and recipe found HERE!


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