Summer Birthday Ideas

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How To Throw a Summer Birthday Party for Your Child

When your child has a summer birthday party, he or she can feel a little bit overlooked. All the kids that have birthdays during the school year seem to get special treatment. Their classmates sing to them on their birthdays, and everyone talks about their birthday parties at school before they happen. Since school is out in the summer, no one is there to sing happy birthday to kids born in the summer except their parents. And when their birthday parties happen, several of their friends can’t attend their parties because they’re on family trips. So, how do you make your child’s birthday party extra special in the summer? Here are some summer birthday party suggestions:

1. Send out invitations before the school year ends – This will give all the party guests plenty of time to know about the party. It’s unlikely that they’ll change their vacation plans just to attend your child’s party. However, sending the invitations out early will give all the guests who are going to be in town a chance to make room in their schedules before the party. It’s also a good idea to send out a reminder email to all of the prospective party guests the week of the party.

2. Make it a fun, outdoor-themed party – An indoor party in the summer just isn’t very festive. Unless it’s just too hot outside, consider throwing the party in your backyard. You could make it a Hawaiian themed party or you could get some Slip N’ Slides and kiddie pools and scatter them around your yard. If you are have a pool in your backyard, you could have a pool party. There are a million different kinds of parties you could host in your backyard. So, brainstorm with the birthday boy or girl and pick the best type of outdoor party based on his or her unique interests.

3. Prepare with the right supplies – If you’re going to host the summer birthday party outside, make sure you have plenty of water or Gatorade and a first aid kit. When it’s warmer outside, kids are more likely to get dehydrated, and when they have freedom to run around outside, they’re more likely to trip in fall. Additionally, you should consider investing in some festive party decorations and supplies, particularly if you’re throwing a themed party like a Hawaiian party. Doing so will make the party more special and memorable for your child.

The suggestions above should help you plan a near-perfect birthday party this summer for your child. Of course, a few things may go wrong before and during the party, but it’s the thought that will count to your child!

Author’s Bio: Melissa is a mom and guest blogger who writes about party planning, seasonal parties, and Super Mario party supplies.

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  1. I agree, outdoor party is more fun. That’s why this year I’m hosting my daughter’s birthday party in our backyard. We just have to hire a temporary fence that would look nice with the party’s theme and also to add security. I hope my kid will have a blast!

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