Apple Peeler

Recently, my mom showed me this neat tool she has in her kitchen to cut and peel apples.  I went home and told my husband how great it was – and he got the hint.  He bought me one for Mother’s Day! 

It is a Victorio Apple Peeler, and it works amazing. 

It is so quick and easy, that our family has started to eat apples more than ever before!  It makes a great snack or addition to lunch.  The day I took these pictures, I was using it to help me make apple pie!  I used THIS RECIPE for Apple Crumb Pie from Better Homes and Gardens. (Except I made my crust from scratch, using THIS RECIPE also from BHG).

I made the crust, then cut the apples.

I like to put the apples in a large baggie to coat them with the cinnamon sugar.

We like to add like a 1/2 cup of Craisins to the recipe.

Then we add the Crumb topping! 

I always do the tin foil trick so I don’t over burn my edges.

Then it comes out wonderful!

Warm up a slice of this and serve it with vanilla ice cream and you have one of my favorite desserts!
Thanks to my new apply peeler, I can make this a lot quicker than I did before.

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