Almost no-sew quillow!

A few years ago, my friend Lisa and I, made some super cute quillows for our kids.
It is like a quilt, but folds up like a pillow.
They are perfect for keeping in the car, especially on a longer road trip!
First of all, I bought fleece fabric, so that I didn’t even have to sew the edges!
Awesome! 😉
It measures 60 inches long by 36 inches wide.
(If I remember right, it the fabric was 60 inches wide and I got 2 yards of it and just cut it right in half for two blankets!)
 Then I cut a coordinating, but different fabric for the pocket.
I cut mine 13 1/2 by 13 1/2.
The ONLY sewing came in here.  I centered the square in the middle of the bottom (as shown above)
and sewed around the edge.  That’s it!  🙂
 To fold it, you turn it completely over.  Pocket side down.
Then fold the first side in, to the edge of the pocket, and then the other side.
 Next you fold it in thirds up toward the pocket.
 Until it looks like this.
 Then you reach into the pocket, grab the corners, and turn it inside out to make the pillow.
It should look similar to this!
Super Soft and Super Easy!!  Make one today!

5 Replies to “Almost no-sew quillow!”

  1. Ok, maybe I’m really dense, but exactly where are you sewing? Do you leave one end of the pocket open? Which? Are you sewing one side or three? Thanks!

  2. For an adult version you need 2 yds. Fleece is actually 60” wide ( not 36”) she got the 36” from buys the 2 yds and cutting it in 1/2. She did buy different fleece for the pocket. The pocket on an adult size is usually 18”x18” square. I double the fleece for more warmth.

  3. I am wanting to try this with a blanket I picked up at the store (Spiderman for my Dtr) would I do this the same way?

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