Positive Reinforcement

My husband and I have been trying to come up with ideas to help focus on the good things our kids do,
as well as fix some of the negative behaviors that have persisted. 
We both knew that positive reinforcement was the answer, 
but hadn’t found quite the right way to carry it out.
I looked around online and came across the idea of a “warm fuzzy jar” and knew my kids would love it and respond well to it.
I just got two regular jars, and bought 3 packages of colorful pom poms from the dollar store. 
The kids and I talked about how it makes you feel good (aka.. warm and fuzzy) when you do something nice for someone else, or when you do what you are asked.
I told them that when I noticed them doing a good behavior,
(especially the ones we were specifically working on for each child… accepting no, and fit throwing)
I would give them a warm fuzzy for their jar.
They can’t ask for a warm fuzzy– mom and dad have to notice them doing something good.
When the jar is full, they individually get a date with mom and dad.
They have both responded so well to this! 
They are so excited that their jars are almost full.. 
and we have seen the good behaviors increase in both of them, and the negative ones lessen.
I feel like this has has helped me as a mom, too.
It’s so easy for me to get stuck in the trap of focusing on the constant bad things they do…
the whining, fighting, screaming… 
so that when the end of the day came, I couldn’t think of one good thing that they did!
With this though, I actively look for them to do good things.. and it has helped me.
Warm fuzzies are a hit over here. 
original idea found HERE

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  1. Just came across your blog via pinterest so many things I loved reading you posts .. Try to google token system behavior .. What you hv implemented is called a token system which is absolutely wonderful . There are other forms if you want to decrease certin bx and you want them to attend to that they can get stats that they post on their own “good” board when they get five let’s say for responding well or not throwing a fit they can exchange them for something as watch tv extra half an hour or something each likes this gives them the component of self control so they will shape their own bx and link consequences with their own bx 🙂 This is an example and suggestion, great blog an great family !!

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