School Years Collage Frame

My kids are getting older and it is so fun to see how they’re growing and changing.  It’s happening so fast that I can hardly believe it.  I have been wanting to make a School Years Collage Frame because when I was growing up, my mom put together all of our school pictures in a mat and frame, similar to this one:
Well, school pictures are expensive and I didn’t really want to buy the whole package for that little wallet.
(I usually just have one of my sisters take my kids’ pictures for the wall.)
So, I kind of gave up on the idea.
Then, a few months ago, I was at my friend Lisa’s house and she had this cute frame with all of her sons school pictures in it!  I was so sad I hadn’t stuck with the idea.  As I was driving home, I decided that I could do the same thing, but with their first day of school pictures that I ALWAYS take!
I came home, cropped the pictures, uploaded the pictures to Costco,
and printed them in wallet size for 39 cents.
Then I bought the frames at Micheals.  They were $29.99, but I used my 40% off coupon!  🙂
Here is how they turned out!
I’m going to cry when all of the wholes are filled up!

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  1. Great post!! I remember those old school years frames. I am excited to get to Michaels and get new ones for my kids. I can’t believe I haven’t done this already. I love your blog. Thank you!!

    1. @Sarah, I’m glad you like our blog. Thank you for the super nice comment! Yes, go get the frames and put your kids’ pictures in them. Your kids will LOVE looking at them. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of using their first day of school pictures. I had the same debate with myself last week- my oldest is in Kindergarten & it was picture day. Was I going to start some tradition or not? I chose not, deciding I could do something similar on my own. Love what you’ve done here.

  3. My son’s friend was killed in a car accident five days ago. At the funeral home, they had one of these frames. A picture for every year up to 10th grade. The other two spots will never be filled. It was so sad.

  4. I love this!

    Could you tell me the brand or other identifying info about this frame? My local Michael’s does not have anything like it, and I would like to see if their web site has it. Thank you so much!

    1. They also have these at most Targets. I am searching for a particular school pictures frame and came across this post, but if just Google ‘school years picture frame’, you can find this exact frame in a bunch of different places.

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