Make Your Own Pacifier Attachers

I needed a few new pacifier attachers (because I hate when the pacifier falls on the floor),

so I set out to whip up a few.
I ran to JoAnn Fabrics, to pick up a couple things that I didn’t have, and got started.
Here are my supplies!
 *A couple of 7/8″ ribbons (I used 8 1/2 inches long), *some snaps (get a few extra in case you have a couple of mess ups, like I did. oops! :), *suspender clips, *spool of thread and *a hammer!

Do you have any small pieces of ribbon that you don’t know what to do with?  These are perfect for that!
 I got the snaps from JoAnn’s.  They were $3.49 for 7, but I used at 50% off coupon, so I paid $1.75
You can also get snaps HERE.  You get 5 snap sets for $1.00.  I think you might need a
special tool though and the ones I bought you just use a hammer.
I went to JoAnn’s also looking for paci clips (or suspender clips),
but couldn’t find any that weren’t overly priced, and then I noticed these little beauties!
I thought, “Hey, I could make those work!” 
They were $3.99, but I had another 50% off coupon, so I paid $2.00.
(Did anyone know that you could use two coupons? Why have I not been doing this all along!
I used one in the add and one on a JoAnn’s app on my phone!  Genius!  =)
You can also get paci clips HERE.  These are nice because they have rubber pads on them
instead of metal teeth, but they are 2 for $1.00
I just cut off the elastic and wa-lah!  Perfection!
 Then I just followed the directions on the back of the snaps and made this pacifier attacher.
 SO easy and SO cute!
 It can work for either of these types of pacifiers.  We started with the gum drop kind, but have now
switched to the Nuk brand. 
 *I do recommend heat treating the ends of the ribbon so that there is no chance of fraying.*
 The next few pictures aren’t as good because I did them that night, but here is another example.
 Have you ever heard of these?
HELLO!!!   Genius!  I love them and keep them right in my diaper bag.
I don’t remember them making these when I had my other babies, but they are SO nice!
You can just get them at Walmart or Target.
There are so many ideas for pacifier attachers now.  You can make them super girly or super boyish.
They choice is yours!  Go ahead….try it!  And when you do, upload your pictures to our facebook page,
so that I can see your ideas too!  🙂  These make super cute baby gifts too!

3 Replies to “Make Your Own Pacifier Attachers”

  1. This is so cute… what I did before was just bought a ready made pacifier holder, with my new baby girl this coming month will customize a pacifier holder for her. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Expecting our new grandson in two weeks! So excited have already made a few burp clothes now this is on my list along with a few other items I have seen today! L OL Thanks 😊

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