Christmas Gifts: For Teachers

Jonie are I both sharing Teacher Gift ideas with you today!  I love giving our teacher gift cards to their favorite places for Christmas, but a gift card by itself is boring.  So this is how I am giving my gift cards this year.

This was the quickest, easiest project I’ve made in a while now.  I used a tutorial from Delia Creates for the envelope pillowcase.  Then, I used a tutorial from How About Orange to make the bows, I just used felt instead of paper.

Here’s what you need:
1/2 yard felt (pillow color)
1/4 yard felt (bow color)
Coordinating thread
20 inch pillow form (I got mine at Ikea for only $2.99!)
Gift Card

Here are a few changes I did for my pillow.  I cut my front pillow piece 19 by19 inches.  The back two pieces I cut 19 by 14 inches.  Before you sew your pillow together, sew on the two pieces of felt (for the ribbon looking part, seen above.)  Be sure to leave a space not sewn for your gift card to fit into.  After pillow is sewn together, turn right side out and attach the bow.  Pin it, sew it, or glue it.  Which ever you chose.  Add a gift card and you’re done!

I spent $3 on felt and $3 on a pillow form.  Pillow total cost: $6!  It’s the perfect simple, cute, and fun gift for all your teachers.

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