Kids Craft Ornament

I’m joining Jonie from Just Between Friends this week making homemade ornaments.  Jonie make the cutest ornaments with her kids.  Be sure to go check it out.

My kids love making crafts.  They would make something every day if I would let them!  This ornament is perfect for the kids to make.  Keep it as a craft or tie a ribbon on it to make it an ornament.

I’ve seen these made with regular popsicle sticks, but these are mini popsicle sticks that are only 2.5 inches long.  That’s what makes this a better ornament or craft size that the regular popsicle sticks.  I got everything that I needed for this project at Hobby Lobby.  Mini sticks and assorted sizes of wooden circles.

Be creative.  Hot glue your popsicle sticks in any way you want.  I cut some of my sticks to be shorter for more variety.  Once you are all glued together, paint and decorate any way you want.  We used paint, glitter, and snowflakes.  Here is the front and back views of my two snowflakes.

My older kids would love coming up with their own snowflake design, but my younger one would be happy to just decorate a snowflake that is already made.  If you have smaller kids, you might want to glue some together and just let them decorate them.

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  1. What a gorgeous tree! I, too, put a tree in my dining room window so that it shows through the front window. I want to use these ideas next year for that tree. Thanks for the drawing. I love the addition of the gold-colored twigs and berry bushes! I’ll have to try that one on my own tree. These custom-colored ornaments are gorgeous, especially the textured one with a drawn-on design.

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