Valentine Craft – Heart Garland


Untie the knot at the top, and then tie the hearts together spacing your knots about 5 inched apart.  I decided to put the knots behind the heart, but you could also leave the knots showing in between the hearts.  Since the hearts only have one hole, they hang sideways naturally.  To get the hearts to be more flat against the wall, I just used a dab of hot glue to glue the heart to the sting behind it.


Now they lay flat and look darling!  It adds so much to my decorations, don’t you think?


Here are some other heart garland ideas that you might want to try.  They make the perfect simple valentine craft.



1 – Be Mine Valentine Banner  2 – Rustic Valentine Banner  3 – XOXO Bunting  4 – Happy Heart Garland  5 – Wire Heart Garland  6 – Paper Heart Garland  7 – Pom Pom Garland  8 – String of Hearts  9 – Easy Heart Garland  10 – Vintage Valentine Garland

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