Battling the blues

Sometimes as women we like to let everyone think we are made of steel.  That nothing bothers us, we are perfect wives, perfect mothers, and perfect homemakers.  It’s tough to keep this going!  
I wanted to mention something that is personal to me.  I’ve noticed through the years that more people struggle with this than like to admit, so I want to notice the elephant in the room and see if this may help anyone else. Sometimes we have nothing really wrong, but for some reason it’s tough to keep our chin up.  
I love the sunshine! Love to be outside and love to exercise. Pregnancy hormones do a number on me and I find myself trying really hard to stay happy through each day sometimes (esp.on bleak winter days).  You know the quote, “An’t mom happy, an’t nobody happy?”  Well we know this is true at our house.  It’s something I pray constantly for and think about a lot-how to find this happiness in each of my days.  I’d like to share with you some of the ways that I combat those winter blues and find personal peace and happiness each and every day. 
1- Make a plan for the day.  I like to write down a list of all the things I’d like to get done.  This week-along with all the regular stuff-I had a goal to clean out one closet a day.  I find a lot of satisfaction when things are cleaned up, organized.  I am happy when I feel productive.
2- Do something for somebody else.  There is nothing like service to lift life’s burdens.  Focusing on someone else – has immediate positive impact.
3- Make a play date.  I really do LOVE being home with my kids.  I don’t miss working like I once did, and I know that for me my home is the only place I’d like to be. BUT I do miss working and talking with adults for most of my day.  So, I’ve made some great friends around me and I try to get together with them and let our kids play while we visit.  
4- Read the scriptures or church articles.  I find a lot of peace and comfort in the scriptures.  I’ve looked as I’ve read about verses that talk about “faith” “joy” “peace” and they are everywhere.
Heavenly Father does want each of us to be happy.
5- Last but not least-EXERCISE, Eating right and going to bed at a decent time.  How many times have we heard these things?  Exercise is huge for me.  I try to fit in something every day.  I can’t do what I’d like to right now, but the time will come soon enough.  Eating right is also a great way to feel good. And going to bed on time and getting up makes me feel good.
6-Last but not least-Go easy on yourself.  Pray. It will get better. You don’t have to be perfect.  

Also, have you seen the Mormon messages the church has been working on?  My husband and I sat down and watched several and I was so touched by them.  There is something in there for everyone.  I don’t know how to just pick one, so I am going to leave you with two, okay three of my favorites.  You won’t be sorry you watched these.

Hold on if life seems rough right now.  It will get better.  It always does.  We have important roles in our homes to be positive examples for our families.  Good luck! You can do it.  We can do it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Natalie 🙂 Those are such simple suggestions, but sometimes we all need a reminder of what a big difference they can make.

  2. I have been struggling with a difficult pregnancy. Baby is fine but it has been very hard on me and this is also my first! I have been struggling with being happy and feel so many times like it’s hanging by a thread that is fraying. I follow several of your tips but most helpful for me has been knowing that I’m not the only one–mostly through sisters in the church. Thank you for your post, it takes some of the pressure off to “be strong”.

  3. You know I’m with you here, sister. I feel like if I can make it through these 9 months it’ll be a miracle. Thanks for the honest post.

  4. Thank you for posting these. I struggle everyday with the gloomy feeling and not knowing why. I really think my job is a big part of it. When I am at home with my family I am wonderful. I have a job interview today. Not sure if I will get the job but I do believe that God has a plan for me and if this job is a part it I will get it..If not I will continue to put my worries n Gods hands.

  5. I watch “The Ultimate Dog Tease,” and then “Good Things to Come,” almost every single day, sometimes more than once. I’ve not seen Elder Nelson’s video before. Thanks for posting it. Last night in bed, I prayed–after bedside prayer–and imagined the Savior gave me a blessing. I don’t know that he didn’t because today things were better, the same but I was able to handle it better. I’m so grateful to know who I am and who is watching over me, it makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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