2011 Collage

Remember THIS post from last year?  
Well, I’ve created my 2011 year end collage, and I love it!
It’s so fun to look back at all the things we did, and how the kids have changed throughout the year.
If you have photoshop or photoshop elements– you can download this free template HERE!
My favorite Pinterest find lately??
The $1 silverware tray from the dollar store for toothbrushes!
 We have such a hard time keeping the toothbrushes off the counter, and my husband hates putting them in the drawer with our hair things.. ewww… so when I found this online- I knew it was genius.  We all love having the perfect spot for our toothbrush- and it was only $1. Perfect!
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8 Replies to “2011 Collage”

  1. You may not be aware, but a drawer is actually one of the worst places to keep a toothbrush! The dark environment keeps the brush from drying. The dark moist bristles are perfect for bacteria growth. Though lying it on the counter isn’t the best bet either. The best thing to do is put a clear, plastic cap on it, which lets light in, but limits the ease of bacterial growth, and set it upright on the counter… or a lighted drawer?

  2. We keep our toothbrushes in a drawer too – and I haven’t died yet.

    Love the collage Cali. You are an awesome photographer and have such photogenic kids…..I noticed how many cute kissing/hugging pictures you have….ah, maybe some day my boys will do that and it won’t look like a wrestling-move-turned-moment-caught-forever-in-time. Hope you are doing well!!!!

  3. they say its also bad to keep your tooth brush within a few feet of the toilet (because many don’t put the seat down and bacteria from the toilet flings into the air when flushed) but most bathrooms are small. I keep mine in a small basket with a toothbrush cap on it. But I think this is awesome.

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