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Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids

My kids are getting older.  The typical Easter egg hunt is just too easy.  This year I’ve been coming up with a new Easter egg hunt that will challenge my kids and take them longer than 2 minutes to finish it.  I love technology and my kids love their electronic devices, so we’ve decided to use them with this challenge.

Smart Phone Egg Hunt

There are two ways to do this challenging Easter egg hunt.  1 – Treasure hunt style.  One egg leads you to the next egg.  OR   2 – Check off list style.  Give them a print out of the list of clues that they can find in any order.  Either way should work fine.

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Easter Egg Coupons – Free Printable

What do you put inside all those plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt?  Candy and more candy??  I’ve tried so hard to find new, different, and creative things to put in our Easter eggs that is NOT candy.  This year there will still be some candy, but less for sure.  Here’s what we are putting in some of our eggs: Easter Egg Coupons.

My kids will love getting to use these extra privileges instead of getting a ton more candy.  Our other favorite thing to put into plastic eggs is money.  The kids love it!

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Easter Lesson Handout

Maybe I am the last person to discover this – but there are a million useful tools on
The Media Library in particular has been really helpful to me lately.
It’s full of images and videos that you can download for lessons.

Here is the handout that I created for my Relief Society lesson for Sunday:

I just downloaded that image from the Media Library at, and added the text where I wanted it.
I printed them in color on white cardstock, had them laminated, and put a magnet on the back.
And there you have it – a simple, but cute handout for Easter Sunday.
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