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Framed Instagram Collage Tutorial

A while ago I did a post about using to print off your Instagram pictures.
I printed off two posters, and hung them side by side with Command Poster Hanging Strips.
Since my walls are white, it just looked incomplete to me.. 
so I asked my husband to make a frame for me to complete the look, 
and add some color to our white walls.

Holly and I measured what we would need, and went to Home Depot.
We bought 3, 7 foot boards for $6.50 each.
Bryan cut the boards with a chop saw and then we decided to glue the pieces together with wood glue.
Then he used a little putty for the cracks in the corners..
and then we spray painted it with a $3.50 can of paint from Walmart! 

Originally we thought we would nail it to the wall, 
but I wanted it to be easily removable so that I could change out the pictures inside of it,
or paint it a different color in the future to change things up.
Bryan suggested that we use the Command Damage-Free Hanging strips–
and they have been great!
The frame doesn’t weigh very much at all, so the strips are perfect.
We put one in each corner, and then one in the top center, and bottom center.


Photo Collage Using Phone Pictures

I recently made a Photo Collage using Phone Pictures, and I love how it turned out!
My husband and I just moved in to a new home.
We had the entire house painted white, and I absolutely love all the light!
I have been slowly decorating (I’m a newbie),
and have been trying hard to stay with things that are true to our personality.
I love photography, and I really love finding new ways to display my photos in my house.
I always have my phone with me, and I wanted to display my phone photos around my house–
which is something I don’t feel like people realize you can do.
Iphone pictures can be printed reasonably big, and they look great!
I wanted to do it as cheap as possible, of course…
so I found these frames at Ikea for $1.99 each.

I learned after I bought them that the frame was for a pictures that was 8.5×11, instead of 8×10..
but after some thinking- I remembered that Costco prints of photos sized 12×36 for $4.95!
(When you order this specific size at Costco, you have to go into the store to one of the kiosks to order)
First, I cropped each of my phone images to exactly 8.5×11.
Then, I opened a new document in Photoshop, sized 12×36.
I then drug all of my images into that document– which fit 4 images, with some room to spare (as shown below).
So, I ordered 2 12×36 prints, with 4 images on each print, for $10.
Once I got them home, I cut them out and framed them.
 I wanted a picture from each season, and some of my favorite sunsets in between–
and I really love how it turned out!
My entry is still a work in progress, but you can see how the pictures look displayed on the wall.
So- the whole project was $26!
$16 for the frames
$10 for the photo prints
Phones take awesome pictures too! Display them!
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